Friday, January 13, 2006

God's Minute

January 13

Let not your heart be troubled.--John 14:1

ETERNAL GOD our Heavenly Father, we bow in gratitude before Thee this morning. We have been kept by Thy power during the darkness of the night. We are refreshed and strengthened for the duties of the new day. Thou hast made every provision for our physical needs. Accept this offering of sincere hearts. We would begin the day aright, so we tarry at Thy feet and implore the Divine blessing. We thank Thee for the message of Jesus Christ. Write His Word upon our hearts and help us to remember that Thou art the source of help for men in the critical experiences of life. We cannot see into the future so we know not what things shall come to pass this day. The spirit of future discernment is not with us. Things of great mystery may surge around us. We may be thrust into some dire temptation. We may be testd almost to the limit of endurance. Help us at all times to "believe in God" and to "believe in Jesus Christ." May the near personality of Jesus and the preciousness of His Word protect our hearts from trouble. Keep us this day from evil and help us to "hold steady" for the sake of One whose face "was set" toward Calvary. Bring us in Thine own good time to the place where the "mansions are" and give us the consciousness of a saving and keeping faith. In the Master's name we ask it.


Rev. Benjamin Young,
Kansas City, Missouri


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