Saturday, December 03, 2005

God's Minute

December 3

I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.--John 10:10

LORD Jesus Christ, our Saviour and our God, we thank Thee that as the day comes it opens our eyes to our consciousness of Thee. This is the deep, abiding joy of our life. We shall be satisfied, when we awake, with Thy likeness. The beholding of Thee brings to our sin-darkened hearts all the change from night to morning; brings to our dumb, dulled souls all the change from slumber to conscious life.

We would live this day as the children of light. We would be fully awake to the abundance of power which in Thee and through Thee is open to our faith in Thee. We would draw upon the full promises of Thy Word. Help us to know that the rich grace we now have from Thee constitutes only the first fruits of all Thou art ready to give. Wilt Thou thus supply us fromThy fulness in temptation, distress, difficulty, and arduous tasks. We would see Thee and live in Thee more fully.

We pray for all who know Thee not. Cause our lives to bear clear testimony for Thee and in all things to glorify Thee only. For Thy Name's sake.


F.H. Knubel, D.D.,
New York, New York

President of the United Lutheran Church of America 1918-1944. . .

From the link:
Throughout its 44-year life the ULCA had only two presidents ­ both remarkably gifted leaders but exercising different styles of leadership. The history thus divides naturally into two roughly equal parts: The F. H. Knubel Presidency, 1918-1944 (chaps 4-8), and the F. C. Fry Presidency, 1945-1962


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