Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tis the Season

I've been thinking about resolutions. I've been making some resolutions lately, some I've kept better than others. With the holidays here, some are simply resolutions to get things done and be more organized. (Like really bake all the Christmas cookies I imagine I will bake and not let the yard "pile up with doggy doo" once it gets snowy and cold). I've resolved to entertain friends more this Christmas and be less concerned about how well the house is decorated or how well the table is set or how well the food is prepared and more concerned about just having fun and enjoying the time spent with friends. I've resolved to make this Christmas special for my son, John, who will be spending his last Christmas with us before he gets married and begins to start his own family traditions.

But not all my resolutions have been organizational. Some have been spiritual. I've resolved to spend the month of December meditating upon my life in Christ and how it is to be spent to the glory of God. To help me think this through I will be reading through Jonathan Edwards Resolutions.

Maybe you'd like to join me. I'll be reading through all 70 on his list today and then daily focusing on one or two and sharing my thoughts and some insight from some of JE's other writings as the month unfolds and spills into the New Year. Maybe you'd like to share your thoughts here as well.



Blogger Kim said...

I will! I will!

I read them about five years ago. A refresher will do me good. Perhaps I'll link the site on my blog, for easy reference.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Kim from Hiraeth said...

Good idea about the link in the side bar; I've done the same.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Pilgrim said...

Omigoodness. What a large mind he had.

8:54 PM  

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