Saturday, November 12, 2005

One Man's "Trash" is Another Man's "Treasure"

Here are pictures of Thursday and Friday's bags of leaves. The bag count at our house is now up to 105 and the 100' catalpa tree isn't finished dropping yet! We'll probably have 5-10 more bags before it's all over.

I guess the word got out about our abundance of leaves because this morning when we were outside washing windows and putting up storm windows, a truck pulled up in front of the house. A woman hopped out and began walking across the yard toward us. You won't believe what she wanted--our leaves! She lives in a neighborhood with no mature trees and wanted to have some bags of maple leaves to mulch up and place on her garden and flower beds. We were glad to oblige. Who would have thought?

UPDATE:The woman in the truck just knocked on our back door. She and her husband are taking more leaves away and they brought back the empty bags that they had taken before--all neatly stacked and folded!! Who would have thought??


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