Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Conehead Eve

As you can see, the cone doesn't deter Eve from Squirrel hunting in the least!

She is adjusting to the cone somewhat but still reels through the house like she's in a bumper car! The cone comes off on Monday when the stitches come out. I'm sure if she could, she'd be counting the days.

She must be feeling better because we've noticed that Eve is getting downright frisky with Ivy again. They play together every morning. Eve slaps the floor so hard!--tail wagging, butt up. Then Ivy slaps the floor and off they go! I tried to
videotape it but they are just too fast for my little camera.

Something new has developed on the play front, too. Eve, the consummate mother that she is, has always "scolded" Ivy if she play-growls when wrestling with my husband and got down right "in her face" if she ever foolishly growled at her! For some reason, Eve now allows Ivy to play-growl when they play together. She still won't let Ivy growl at Tom, so apparently the doggie rule is "no growling at the master."


Blogger Kim said...

What a priceless picture. Only a dog would adapt so easily. I think my cat would have an anxiety attack if he had to wear one of those.

3:00 PM  

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