Monday, October 31, 2005

Wish I'd said that!

Today I am introducing a new category of posts: Wish I'd said that!

The first one comes from Kim at The Upward Call. I chose this for my first entry because it truly is something I have thought and even said for quite some time, albeit not nearly so well. Kim's whole post is excellent and thought provoking. You can find it here.

"When I talk to some of the teens, and I talk to them often, I often detect a general lack of understanding of basic doctrines. They can tell me all the gory details of the end times, what kinds of judgments will happen, down to what they things the scary creatures in Revelation will look like. But many of them cannot verbalize why it was necessary for Christ to die in order to provide redemption. They can memorize verses in order to get points at youth group, but most of them can’t tell me what those verses are all about. It’s a very behaviour oriented kind of Christianity. And it’s so prevalent that when they see others who don’t behave as they do, they perceive it as the other person not being unified with the body of Christ. Teenagers are already obsessed with how other kids behave; having them base their Christianity on how they behave is simply adding fuel to the fire."


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