Wednesday, November 02, 2005

God's Minute

November 2

Commit thy way unto the Lord. --Psalm 37:5

O GOD, we come to Thee as children come to their father to ask of Thy loving care and protection. We know not what awaits us of joy or sorrow, of life or death, and before we enter this untried, unknown future we would commit our way to Thee, remembering Thy promise that Thou wilt direct our paths. We thank Thee for the common blessings of life which have come to us so noiselessly as to be almost unnoticed and forgotten. We thank Thee for the special blessings which are the evidences of Thy personal care over us. Because of Thy promise of forgiveness, we come and ask Thy mercy for our sins, throught Jesus Christ, our Lord. We pray that Thou wilt give us momnet by moment both spiritual and material blessings. Help us to trust Thee when we cannot understand, knowing Thy word is true that all things work together for good to them that love God. We pray that all those who belong to us may belong to Thee, and that Thy benefits and blessings may extend to all mankind everywhere. Hasten the day when Christ shall reign in every home and heart throught the entire world. May not one of our dear ones and friends be missing in that land of glad and blessed reunion beyond the valley of the shadow. We give Thee praise for the privilege of prayer and for the gifts which have been and will be ours because of Thy loving-kindness and tender mercy.


Johnston Myers, D.D.,
Chicago, Illinois


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