Monday, October 10, 2005

The Shining Pathway

While cataloging my library, I came across a rare book that I had not read in several years. "The Shining Pathway" is a privately published book of poems by The Reverend Lawrence Keister, D. D. of Scottdale, PA, formerly President Lebanon Valley College. It was printed in 1930.

From the introduction:

"The poems in this little book are the expression of a faith, an attitude of mind and heart which is the outgrowth of a long life filled with rich and varied Christian experience. . ."

The poems in this little book reveal a man who loved God and rejoiced in His creation. He was a man who lived Coram Deo, before the presence of God.

I will be posting some of his poems here under the subject line "The Shining Pathway" because I'd like for his work to have a broader audience. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The Leaves of Autumn
by Rev. Lawrence Keister

Once more the leaves of Autumn
Present their grand appeal;
Once more with art and ardor
Their spirit they reveal.

Their robes are quite becoming,
As on their way to rest
They wave adieus politely
To those who love them best.

Insistent reds and yellows,
Replace the useful greens
With resolute intention,--
We know just what it means.

In unison they tell us
Of mission now complete;
Of final transformation,
And tread of snowy feet.


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