Tuesday, December 13, 2005

God's Minute

December 13

With my spirit within me I will seek Thee early.--Isaiah 26:9

OUR Father in Heaven, we call unto Thee because we have called before and Thou didst hear us. Come unto us, Lord, when all is dark, and when trouble weighs us down. Lift us up again, that we may praise Thee and smile in our hearts. For the labors of this day, give us free grace; for the hard road, the iron shoes of good resolution; for the hour that casts us down, calm us and lift us up again. Make us gentle, Lord, with our loved ones. May we never give way to harsh words or unjust thoughts. Lord Jesus, listen to our prayer as we confess our sins before Thy Holy Cross. May we meet the Man of Sorrows now while we bend before Thee, so shall our sins fade away, and our hearts rejoice with a new joy. May we be resigned to Thy will, no mater what we must yield. Gather this little family about Thyself as doth the bird when the storm falls. Cover us with Thy love, and protect us in the hollow of Thy hand. O Lord, give us the power to pray aright, for we pray in Thy might. At last, Gentle Shepherd of our home folks, gather us all to Thyself in the dear Homeland, when the morning breaks and the shadows flee away. And this we ask in Jesus' name.


C.H. Woolston, D.D.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Gospel magic is not something new. One of the first books ever written on the subject is titled, "Seeing Truth" by C.H. Woolston, d.d. Written and published in 1910 by the Praise Publishing company. On many occasions, around the turn of the century, Dr. Woolston was a guest speaker at the Winona Bible Conference in Winona Lake, Indiana.


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