Monday, November 21, 2005

God's Minute

November 26

I will, therefore, that men pray everywhere.--1 Timothy 2:8

OUR Father, we are Thy children by faith in the Redeemer. We are Thy children when we are obedient and Thou art pleased; we are Thy children when we are wayward and in grief Thou dost chasten us. We know that our sins are wholly displeasing to Thee, and they are painful to us. For Jesus' sake, forgive our sins.

Accept our deepest gratitude for Thy tender mercies in all our past, for the promise of Thy grace in all our needs, for the assurance of Thy presence always.

Bless us in the duties to which we have been called. Deliver us from the fear of man. Keep us from measuring our duties by the conduct of others, and help us to be great in Thy sight. Let us remember that there are but twelve hours in the day, and the night cometh. Help us to see that the great questions are issues of eternity, and may we be kept in the love of God.

Guide, O Jehovah, in the affairs of state; bless all movements and men that promote our Redeemer's Kingdom; and give Thy holy benediction upon the homes wherein our loved ones dwell. In Jesus' name.


Rev. J.M. Dawson,
Waco, Texas


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