Sunday, October 23, 2005

God's Minute

October 23

Save Thy People and bless Thine inheritance.--Psalm 28:9

OUR gracious and kind Heavenly Father! We lift our hearts to Thee at dawn, though we painfully recognize and feel our unworthiness of Thy uncounted mercies which are new every morning and fresh every evening. We throw ourselves upon Thy clemency. Put Thy protecting hand, with its tender touch, upon our drooping heads, and though we venture not to look up, may we hear Thy reassuring and forgiving voice. Here we are grouped together at the foot of Thy cross, because we know Thou hast room for us all in Thy great yearning heart. We long for Thy tender caress and Thy smile of forgiveness. Put about us Thy everlasting mighty arms, and carry us safely through this day. As we take up life's business afresh and hasten out into the wild hurry of the world, be Thou ever near us. Be Thou our traveling companion. We need Thy presence every passing moment. For the gift of Thy Son, our adorable Christ, we thank Thee, O God. He brought eternal calm to our surging hearts, and made our sin-tattered lives to rejoice. Give us a new vision of Him as we toil this day. May we see the rift in the clouds as we look up to behold Him. Soften our hearts, direct our thoughts, steady our step, and shelter us by Thy care until our traveling days are done, we humbly ask in Jesus' name.


Rev. F. W. Mueller,
Cleveland, Ohio


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